Norway-Paris Fish & Game Association

By-Law Page


The Membership approved these BY LAWS at the October Regular meeting. (June 20, 2012) The latest change occurred August 16, 2017, and was approved by the membership then.

This organization shall be known as the Norway-Paris Fish & Game Association.


It shall be the purpose of this Association
A. To promote and preserve our area natural resources with emphasis on game animals, bird, and fish.
B. To improve habitat of such animals, birds, and fish.
C. To further the interest in out-of-door activities with special emphasis on hunting and fishing
D. To cooperate with law enforcement agencies in creating and maintaining respect for game laws.
E. To promote and encourage safety education in all outdoor sports.


Membership is open to any person of good character and in sympathy with the purpose of the corporation upon application to the membership officer and payment of one year’s dues. All other qualified persons must hold a regular membership.
A. Annual Regular Membership dates are from January 1st to December 31st.
B. To be a member is good standing, annual dues need to be paid by the first meeting of the calendar year.
C. “New Members” paying after September 1st will be a paid member through the next calendar year.
D. Sponsor Membership dates are from July 1st to June 30th.


Annual dues and live membership will be set by a vote of the membership. Adult Memberships: $30.00 annually ($15.00 if 16-23 and still in high school or college)and ($15.00 if in "Active Duty" military). Life memberships: $500.00 (16 to 40 yrs of age); $300.00 (41 to 60 years of age): $200.00 (over 60 years of age). Memberships will be reviewed yearly.


An annual meeting shall be held in the month of December of each year. Regular meeting shall be held each succeeding month, unless notified by the secretary. Special meetings may be called on due notice by request of the President, Officers or Board of Directors.


Twenty members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at regular and annual meetings.


A) The officers of this association shall be:
Vice President
Safety Officer
Membership Officer
Public Relations Officer

To be elected by written ballot at the annual meeting for a term of one year. At the November meeting each year, a committee of three shall be appointed to recommend a slate of candidates selected from the membership in good standing to be presented for consideration at the annual meeting in December.

B) A Board of Directors of four members shall be elected by written ballot to serve one year terms with the out-going president automatically a member of the board, making a five member board. In addition to the four elected directors and out-going president, the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership officer, safety officer and public relations officer shall be ex-officio members of the board and the area game wardens shall be honorary members.

C) The secretary shall cast one ballot for any uncontested officer or director.


It shall be the duty of the PRESIDENT to preside at all meetings and to assume overall direction of and responsibility of all activities of the association and its various committees.

The VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the President in all matter and in the absence of the President shall discharge the duties of said office.

The SECRETARY shall make and keep records of all meetings, be responsible for all outgoing and incoming correspondence and maintain files of same and perform any other duties pertaining to the office. The only exception would be receiving membership applications, sending membership cards and other paid membership information, which would be the responsibility of the Membership Officer.

The TREASURER shall receive all dues and any other money abstained by the Association, makes disbursements as directed by vote of the membership and maintains all financial records of the Association and/or its committees. Records shall be kept current so that a report may be made at each regular meeting and an audit shall be done within thirty days prior to the annual meeting. Said audit shall be made by a committee of members and appointed by the President.

The SAFETY OFFICER shall be responsible for all safety education programs sponsored by the association. The Association shall seek his advice in regard to all safety precautions to be undertaken to assure the well-being of all members and/or guests who may participate in any or all programs, projects, activities or occasions sponsored by the Association.

The MEMBERSHIP OFFICER shall receive all monies or other collateral secured, donated or paid by all prospective candidates for membership. The Membership Officer shall fill out, sign and send or hand a new membership card to a paid member at the earliest possible time. He/she shall faithfully and accurately record all names and address and such other information as deemed advisable of the above mentioned candidates, and shall submit to the President all such information of each member at the President’s request. The Membership Officer shall transfer all such monies from membership to the treasurer. Each year an audit shall be made of all records of the membership officer and the truth and verity of his records may be ascertained.

The PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER shall establish and maintain a working relationship with the various media outlets (newspapers, radio, television, etc.) in the local community in order to communicate press releases, special announcements, and photographs to the general public. This position is expected to be the sole contact point with media and is responsible for all official material released by the association to the media. It is the responsibility of the Public Relations Officer to coordinate meetings with association members and media representatives who may have an interest in feature stories or special projects. The Public Relations Office is responsible for the safe keeping of multimedia equipment owned by the association and will make the equipment available to other association members upon request. Multimedia equipment includes the digital camera, color printer, rechargeable batteries and battery charger and any other equipment purchased for the use of the Public Relations Officer.

The BOARD OF DIRECTORS may be called into session at any time with due notice to act for the Association upon matters of urgency that cannot be properly delayed until a regular meeting of the membership. Any five directors shall constitute a quorum. Work on planning or research may be assigned to the Board of Directors by the Association at a regular session. Records shall be kept and reports thereon made to the membership at the next regular session.


Should a vacancy occur in the office of President, the Vice President shall automatically become president. A new vice-president shall then be elected by ballot at the next regular meeting. In the case of any other vacancy, the office shall be filled temporarily by a member of the Board of Directors until a new officer can be elected as above at the next regular meeting.


Any member may, at any regular meeting of the Association, introduce proposals for change or amendment to these by-laws. After due discussion by the membership, a request may be made to table the measure for one month until the next regular meeting. Should the vote be negative the proposed change or amendment shall be dropped. In case of a affirmative vote the secretary shall be instructed to inform the membership in writing at least one week prior to the next regular meeting of the proposed amendment or alteration. At said next regular meeting the proposal under consideration shall be put to a vote requiring a two-thirds majority of those present in the affirmative for adoption.

Any contingency not specifically provided for in these by-laws to its amendments shall be referred to the Board of Directors for disposition.


If after two consecutive years of inactivity and being non-functional, the NORWAY-PARIS FISH & GAME ASSOCIATION’S assets shall be forwarded to the Sportsmen Alliance of Maine (SAM). The funds from these assets are to be used for the purpose of providing additional funding for Hunter Safety Programs, On Water Safety Programs and other outdoor programs for children and young adults
The Norway-Paris Fish & Game Association facility is not a rental property. The clubhouse, neither grounds nor shooting ranges shall be leased or rented to any individual or business for any purpose or activity for any type of compensation. The facility is for activities directly related to and overseen by The Norway-Paris Fish & Game Association.